TOA Products to Consider for a Strong Return

Take the time to update your sound equipment during downtime

Now is a great time to enhance communication within schools, commercial and retail locations, concert halls, airports, stadiums, and other venues. TOA sound systems are used to deliver clear communication, music, and important audio messaging.

Consistently strengthening its role as an innovative leader, TOA Electronics Inc. strives for sound perfection. Here’s a list of products to update your sound equipment for a strong return to business! 

Integrated Audio Collaboration System

Item # – AM-CF1B

  • Beam steering array microphone technology.
  • Two 2-way high performance speakers for great sound.
  • GUI (graphical user interface) for easy setup and control. 
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Real-time Steering Array Microphone System

Item # – AM-1BMK2

  • Real-time monitoring & detection of sound source location
  • Tracking: Range (Horizontal angle and distance), Sensitivity, & Speed. 
  • Exceptional “reach” allows one microphone to take the place of many!
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SIP based Video Intercom System – Item # – N-SP80AS1

  • Designed to provide clear and intelligible communication to a Multimedia Station over an Ethernet network.
  • Offers flexible audio & video communications using standard SIP and Onvif protocols. 
  • Peer-to-Peer mode is also available for easy system configuration without  a SIP server. 
  • Equipped with an assignable call switch, a night-view camera and two control relay outputs.
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IR-802 Infrared Wireless Classroom System – Item # – IR-802PA

  • Secure IR transmission is free from eavesdropping and RF interference. 
  • Includes Pendent-Style Teacher’s Mic and Dual Battery Charger (optional Hand-held Student mic also available)
  • 3 AUX inputs for other audio sources (PC, DVD player, MP3 Player)
  • ALD output with level control for connection to Assisted Listen Devices or Remote Classroom feed
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IR Wireless Tuner & Microphone: The Ideal Pair

Eliminate the problems associated with radio frequency microphones. Install receivers and antennas in each classroom and give each teacher their own microphone to reduce contact between multiple persons. Each teacher’s microphone works in all classrooms without interfering with any other classroom.


 Infrared Wireless Tuner – Item# – IR-702T

Eliminates problems with interference or eavesdropping, allowing simultaneous use in adjacent conference rooms or school classrooms. Learn more 



IR Wireless Handheld Microphone – Item# – IR-200M 

Stable voice transmission. Two selectable channels. Includes low battery indicator. Learn more


5000 Wireless Tuner Module – Item# – WTU-M9800-AMWM1

  • 5000 Series wireless tuner module for use with BG-2000, A700, 900MkII, 9000M2; M-Band only (506 – 538 MHz).
  • Use up to two tuners in a 900 or 9000 series without an external power supply. 
  • Up to 16 channels.
  • Optional AD-246 Power supply and YW-4500Q Remote Antenna.
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Contact your WESCO Broadcast & AV representative or reach out to our customer support team if you have any questions!  View more products from TOA. 


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